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Dec 13, 2015
Orwell (Eric Blair) was chosen from University for his talent to become a Government propagandist. But he was more intelligent than those who chose him thought, and broke out of his conditioning and tried to inform us about the plans he knew about. 1984 is not fiction; it's just camouflaged to seem so. In fact, after WW2 in East Germany that same system existed. Communism was created by the West to experiment with their plans for our future. Read Anthony Sutton's book: "Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution" to see that Lenin was trained by the British and sent to Russia with 200 Brit agents and American money to take over Russia. The Cold War was a sham to scare and divide us. After the authorities saw Orwell broke out of his cage, they shunned him, even tried to kill him. He wrote this book while living on a small Scottish island. Soon after he finished it, he died. 1984 is a warning for us, and that world is coming at us rapidly. We are free to obey laws and there a re so many of those we aren't free to do anything without permission. I grew up in Communism, and in primary school they talked quite openly about the methods the rulers of our world use. Dialectic materialism, fighting of the opposites, etc. they told us. They create opposites, but even their opposition is led by their own agent, and the fight is being manipulated toward a pre-determined end. This way the crowd thinks they participated in arriving to the result, but it had been decided in advance. This is the way we are manipulated: a debate is started, and the two opposing sides are both managed from the same center to arrive at the planned result. Our heroes are usually hired agents to lead us with their influence with the public. All the world's a stage and we are dumb onlookers to clever play-masters' play.