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ACL_NidyaGG created a list Oct 09 2021
Topic Guide

ACL Becoming an older sibling.

"A new member to the family is a major life event, and it's especially hard on the soon to be older sibling(s). Here are a few titles that will hopefully help your child get ready for the new addition."
ACL_NidyaGG created a list Sep 27 2021
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ACL YA Multicultural Mythological Fiction

"If you like mythology, here are some recommendations of culturally diverse mythological fantasy, adventure stories, dealing with gods, demigods, and legendary heroes."
ACL_NidyaGG created a list Aug 27 2021
K-12 Study Guide

Homework Resources

"This is a one stop shop for homework resources, good for elementary, middle and high school students."
ACL_NidyaGG created a list Aug 06 2021
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All About Community Helpers!

"What is a Community Helper? A Community Helper is someone that works for their community by making it safer, cleaner, and healthier. In this list you will find several examples of Community Helpers such as, doctors all the way through to bus dri..."
ACL_NidyaGG liked a list Feb 16 2021
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Black and Afro Latinx Joy - Picture Books

"Black and Afro Latinx joy in abundance with these fun, touching, silly, happy, and complex portrayals of childhood experiences."
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