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ACL_ChrisS created a list Oct 29 2023
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Native Voices for Native American Heritage Month 2023

"Learn from the Native and Indigenous community with these books for a variety of age groups."
ACL_ChrisS created a list May 16 2023
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Magical Graphic Novels - Summer Adventure 2023

"A list created with a flick of a wand, these graphic novel recommendations are for adults who like magic! Alameda County Library invites you to come along for our 2023 Summer Adventure: A Magical Journey! From June 1 to August 15, let's celebrate..."
ACL_ChrisS made a comment Mar 01 2023
"Very engaging, readable example of a popular science/self-help book. I really appreciate all the reassurance she offers about how the decrease in our brain's processing power as we age does not mean we are developing Alzheimer's. Forgetting thing..." Permalink
ACL_ChrisS rated a title Mar 01 2023
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The Harvard-trained neuroscientist presents an exploration of the intricacies of human memory that distinguishes between normal and concerning memory loss while explaining the profound roles of sleep, stress, and other contributing influences
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