Tiny Habits
Tiny Habits The Small Changes That Change Everything By Fogg, B. J. Book - 2020

This nifty little book is so effective that while reading it, I was able to make some good habits and give up certain bad ones. The fundamental premise of the book, I would say, is that the secret of why Tiny Habits works so beautifully is that People change best by feeling good. B. J helps us feel good while we are changing and this provides an impetus to change some more. This is a book that would come in handy for an individual, couple - even a couple having relationship issues, a family, an organization, a society and so on. It is a tiny book which will make a huge impact on your life. Even the Appendices are useful. If you feel disinclined to read the appendix, not to worry because the website has a lot of the information.

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