A classic of children's literature, and a must-read for any age!
It speaks to the author's talent that a tale firmly fixed in the Victorian Era is still highly readable today.

The only reason why I didn't give it a full five stars is because of the overly sentimental morality lessons that Alcott addresses directly to the young reader. When I was a girl reading old children's books from the shelves in my grandparents' house, those kind of paragraphs were done in red ink -- makes it easy to skip!

One might think it odd that this talented and prolific author is famous for only this one book. That is because all her other works were -- in her own words -- rubbish; what we would call pulp fiction today. She was more interested in writing for money than writing for literature's sake. She came from a poor family and was determined to use her brains to make money, and this in a time when there were few opportunities for smart women to achieve that goal. And she succeeded! It was her editor who challenged her to write something worthy of her talent.

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