Little Women
Little Women Little Women Series, Book 1 By Alcott, Louisa May eBook - 2021

Never read it as a child, so I’m reading it now. I have seen the classic movie, so I was aware Jo was a tomboy & gifted writer, but had no idea she was manic-depressive, which she clearly was, from the book’s description of her behavior. And a boy born without *ahem* external genitalia, due to what we now know is a prenatal nutritional deficiency, & therefore doomed to life as a female. I’m sure Louisa May Alcott had no idea.
I can see why this was a popular book for mothers to give their daughters 100 years ago, when what they wanted most was for them to be obedient & self-sacrificing. I can’t think of worse advice to give a girl in this century.

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