This was a random pick from my library, and it was the perfect book for me right now. I picked it up hoping for a good book, and it exceeded all of my expectations. With representation for bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, and anger issues, this book takes a good look at mental health and the consequences of your own actions.

Vicky wakes up and can’t believe she’s alive. She failed her suicide attempt, and is now in a mental ward in a hospital. She knows that she will try again, but after meeting three other patients, she decides to stay for a while and try to want to live again. What follows is a heart wrenching journey through memories and life choices that led up to the fateful suicide attempt, and hope begins to bloom. But when she has to go back to the life that drove her to try and take her life in the first place. Now she must try and take the lessons she has learned, but can she do it?

This book was an amazing look from the inside of a depressed person’s mind. The therapy was insightful, and we learn so much along with Vicky. The characters are rich and varied, and you learn to love each of them despite their flaws. The action is focused more toward character development than physical action, but there are a few exciting physical action scenes.

There is so much to take in with this book, and I would recommend this book to those struggling with mental illness and those who are struggling to understand mental illness. With great characters and a believable plot, this is an amazing read that will transport you right into Lakeview with Vicky, Mona, E.M., Gabriel, and Dr. Desai.

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