The Polar Express
The Polar Express DVD - 2005 | Widescreen ed

This movie is about a boy named Chris aka Hero Boy who has lost faith in Santa Claus and Christmas because he sees people ripping out fake Santa Claus’s beard on the local news. This movie has a big message about the true meaning of Christmas, getting along with others during this joyful time, and helping others. One thing I liked about this movie is the scene on the magical train when the waiters sing songs and dance giving hot chocolate to every kid which looked fun and cool. Another thing I liked is when Hero Boy showed an act of kindness when he went to get Hero Girl’s train ticket by climbing on top of the train roof. A character I disliked was Know-It-All because the way he talked and how he expressed his emotions was annoying. I also disliked the animation of the movie because it looked awkward and seemed different other movies, it maybe because this movie was made in 2004 where the animations might have not been good. I would recommend this to families for a heart-touching Christmas! 4.5/5 -@LibbyTeen of the Hamilton Public Library's Teen Review Board
The film “The Polar express” tells the story of the true meaning of Christmas. It all begins when a boy has lost his faith in Christmas and Santa. On Christmas Eve, a magical train appears in the front of his house while the rest of his family are sleeping and he goes outside to approach the train when he realizes that he suddenly has a ticket for the train and boards it. The conductor tells him that the train is going to the North Pole. Everyone on the train can hear a bell ringing that the boy has in his hands but he cannot since he has no faith in Christmas. When they arrive at the North Pole, he gets lost in the crowd and realizes that he wont meet Santa. This id because he still doesn’t not believe in him. The boy does his best to believe in Santa and hears the bell ringing in the pocket. He then is approached by Santa and receives the first gift of Christmas. The story has a big moral to it in believing and faith and believing no matter what. The film was exciting with many situations and scenes while they are travelling on the train to the North Pole, however there are a lot of unknown answers and characters that were never revealed in the story. 8/10 @Sportsreader03 of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

The Polar Express is a very creative and imaginative Christmas movie. It is about a boy who, at first, has his doubts about Santa Claus being real, but his doubts start to drain away when he hops onto the Polar Express and takes the train all the way to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Hoping this adventure might finally clarify this whole Santa Claus mystery for him when he either sees Santa, or doesn't. After all, seeing is believing. This movie has done an exceptional job of clearly painting the picture of every child's dream during Christmas time. Watching this will make anyone wish for a ride on the Polar Express.This is also a very positive movie. It sends lots positive messages to viewers such as: believe or trust in friendship, and loads more that you will discover when you start your journey alongside the Polar Express.@Flo_Reada of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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