Another year at Hogwarts, another year of Voldemort’s reign. The story is deeper than ever, and with the maturing trio comes realizations that every teenager must come to terms with about growing up. Add in friendship, rivals, and romance, and this is a great look at different universal truths that surround getting older.

The pressure increases for Harry, Ron, and Hermione in their sixth year at school. With the revelations from the prophecy in the previous book comes the need for knowledge on how to accomplish the monumental task set before them to bring down Voldemort for good. Unlike last year, Dumbledore takes a special interest in Harry and gives him lessons that prove to be an important lens with which to view the greatest Dark Wizard ever.

Rowling takes us back in time to see how Voldemort became the monster that terrorized Muggles and Wizards alike. As we delve into the past of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, we learn more about Harry, Ron, Hermione, and even Dumbledore, whose past is still shrouded I’m quite a bit of mystery.

By the end of this journey, lives will change forever and the battle lines will be drawn. Who will win the second Wizarding War? How can Voldemort be stopped? Are our trio ready for the horrors ahead?

The end of this book is filled with fear and hope, and I can’t wait to read the last book to find out how everything is wrapped up. If you enjoyed Harry’s journey up to this point, definitely read this book.

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