So apparently this is supposed to be a Christmas book and I kind of get that. Christmas took place during this book. But I think when people think of Christmas books they think of happy, fun, romantic books. This book was super depressing. The book deals with a sad topic and both of the characters are going through hard things.
I think I could have liked this book a lot more however I had a few problems that were constantly bothering me. First of all is the way that Eric and Grace fell in love. Basically their love story was completely unrealistic and it felt very flat to me. Eric is fourteen and Grace is sixteen. Basically they "fell in love" aka had a first love. When they kissed each other it was like "we kiss and then I go back inside" for pretty much the whole book. They would talk about life and Grace would say to Eric that "you are the only think that matters to me" and the cheesiest things like that. And it only made it worse because they were super young. I was like, you are only fourteen and you probably don't even know what love is. I think all of my problems with their relationship was just because of the authors writing style.
Also, I am pretty sure that the one thing that was supposed to be a plot twist was something that I had guessed from like, page 50. Basically, Eric learns something, which is supposed to make the rest of the book more emotional, but I didn't really care because I had guessed it so early on.
Lastly, I didn't like the way that the epilogue was written. The book was told in the past tense, as if Eric was remembering the things that had happened to him. But the epilogue was sort of like a biography. It was like "when I turned 23..." and "I went to this school and studied this" and it was kind of weird. I think the book could have ended without the epilogue.

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