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Probably 99% of the reviews I have read about this book are negative and a lot of them say that the book wasn't necessary at all. I beg to differ. I won't say that I hated "Me Before You", but it left me with a very bad feeling. I hated the way that Will chose to end his life with little regard for Louisa's feelings for him. I haven't read the book in some time and I may read it again,but Will just seemed really selfish. Yes, he had a tragic accident that changed his whole life, but he had a life. That being said, I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book at all but WOW, was I blindsided by how amazing it was.
It begins with Louisa involved in a very bad accident and although I had read the first chapter before, I felt that it was confusing and took a while to straighten itself out. Given the extent of Louisa's injuries from this accident, it seemed far fetched that she recovered so quickly but other than that I loved the storyline.
Louisa seemed less "annoying" here than in the previous book and I found that I really liked her. I have to say (and this will be an unpopular opinion) that I LOVED her relationship with "Ambulance Sam" and I found that I liked him better than Will because he seemed more down to earth.
It was nice to see familiar characters included, like Nathan and Louisa's family. Her sister was a mystery to me in the first book so I'm glad that they gave a little more information about her background.
Louisa's moving on from Will seemed on point and I really liked that she was going to a grief therapy session. I really loved all of the characters from the sessions and all of their unique personalities.
More than the first book, this book has some surprisingly emotional moments and it takes a lot to make me cry from reading a book.
Although I didn't love the character at first, Lily quickly grew on me and I really liked the relationship she had with Louisa. They were more like sisters and friends than anything else and Liliy's meeting with Will's dad was the most emotional moment in the book for me. I didn't expect to be so moved by his reaction.
Everything was wrapped up nicely in this book and once I really got into it, I seriously could not stop reading it. Never in my life did I imagine reading a 300+ page book in three days, but I did it. Yes, it's that good (to me, anyway).
Loved the ending although it's kind of sad that the story (according to the synopsis for the next book) is going to take a different direction. I really loved her with Ambulance Sam, but since I haven't read the third book, I'm kind of anxious to see what happens. (less)

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