No no no!!!! This is an example of a sequel that should never have been written!!!

Me Before You was a good read BECAUSE of the interactions between Will and Lou. Will + Lou = entertaining read! Lou + her life after Will = boring and near pathetic read.

In this book, Lou is boring and not living up to her full potential! She is basically wasting the gifts that Will gave her. It starts off with Lou working at a pub in an airport after returning back from her travels in Europe. Yawn. One night while on the rooftop of her place, she fell off an severely injured herself because she thought she heard someone call her name. Fast forward some time, oh look someone from Will's past suddenly turns up. So what does Lou do? Well she drops everything to try and 'save/straighten' this person out. Guess Lou is trying to make up for what she couldn't do for Will.

Basically everyone associated with book 1 is a pale shadow of themselves here. Naturally the Taylors are divorced, Camilla is in hiding/retirement looking very sad, the father (forgot his name) is with one his former 'mistress' and are expecting a bundle of joy, Lou's mom has become a feminist after all these years, Lou's dad is being very unreasonable and Lou's sister can't stop the 'I told you so'.

Seriously, if you really enjoyed the first book, don't read this book! Lily is no Will. Lou is NOT the same Lou we knew from the previous book. You can't make the magic that book one had with alternate characters and different settings

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