What It's Like to Be A Bird
What It's Like to Be A Bird From Flying to Nesting, Eating to Singing -- What Birds Are Doing, and Why By Sibley, David, 1961- eBook - 2020

I’ve joined a couple of Facebook Northwest bird watching groups, and the author of this book often shows up as a reference. Without that background I might have skimmed right over this book. Sibley is a bird authority and his books are illustrated with his drawings. Among the many drawings in this book is a lot of information. It’s a reference book, not designed to be read from front to back. It’s terrible to read on a Kindle, but if you’re like me and sitting around watching birds, its is worth the hardback price. Because it is a coffee table book, not meant for taking out in the field, you get too view his drawings sometimes almost life size. And then you learn stuff like a bird will lose 10% of their body weight overnight. Perfect for social isolation, this means if you ate like a bird, you would eat 25 pizzas in a day. As a librarian, I was saddened there was no standard index---so prepare lots of post-a-notes for bookmarks. Just don’t waste your money on the Kindle version.

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