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I savored Nineteen Eighty-Four, but do I regard it as a real-life cautionary omen as many are quick to label it? No, not really. Contrary to the conspiracy theorists' claims, I think Orwell's ominously prophetic novel is much less relevant now that we live in an interconnected world. I can see where one could think the opposite because of the frightening, sprawling reach of our technological advances, but that same sprawl would be a bureaucratic death for any organization, or any one person, to attempt to control the thinking of a group. Big Brother needs an ignorant populace to be an effective menace; it needs walled gardens and enclosures. Globalization is the opposite of that.

Getting back to the story... If for no other reason, read Nineteen Eighty-Four for the third act alone. That section rates of one of the most horrific series of events I've ever experienced. Still leaves me with chills to this day every time I think about it.

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