"For anyone looking for a new series full of adventure, suspense, and emotion, this is the book for you. The Harry Potter series as a whole is widely celebrated around the world but to me, if you haven't read the books, you are only getting a small portion of what Rowling has to offer in this 7 book series. Harry Potter is the relatable and imperfect teen protagonist of this story and the drastic changes in his life challenge him to the max. For some spoiler-free context, this book was published in 1997 and is based in England. When I first read this book as a Freshman and in High School, I loved how this book could carry me away to an incredible land of magic which was surprisingly similar to my own certain ways. Going through the trials and tribulations of being a teenager I was really able to both sympathize with what Harry struggles with and relate to the things that bring him joy. There are so many well-written surprises in this book that I am hard-pressed to explain the plot. The best way I could describe it is that Harry lives with a family that does not love him when he has a sudden and welcomed change in his life.

My only criticism of this book is that it does start slow. Many people lose patience at the beginning of the book but to me, this start makes the following rest of the book so much better. Harry does not live in a wonderland where everything is wonderful and magical. His life is full of issues and challenges that many find quite compelling and fun to read about. All in all, unless you are someone who simply cannot enjoy reading fantasy, I highly recommend that you check out this excellent book and series." -Martin, Grade 12

"I believe that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is the perfect book for audiences or any age if you enjoy adventurous and engaging stories. Harry Potter is a 11 year old boy who faces many problems in his home life and accustomed to change yet the world he is brought into is far from familiar. One aspect of this book that I loved was that I found Harry to be very relatable because he faced many of the same changes and challenges in his life as myself and other teens. This allowed me to further engage and be let into the world of witchcraft and wizardry, as well as feeling a connection with the characters and story.
Overall I believe that this is an intriguing and suspenseful book. However I found that the beginning was rather slow and could incline readers to lose interest before the climax of the story. The language used to portray the imagery in the story allows you to feel as if you are there in the story and engages the reader. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys adventurous stories and I believe the following books in the story are excellent." - Nicolas, Grade 10

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