Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

Book - 2005
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In the second to last installment of the series, we're recovering from the loss of beloved characters, and the narrow escape from Voldemort that Harry encountered. Dumbledore is being unusually secretive, and put's Harry on the task of acquiring a memory from the new defense against the dark arts teacher, Horace Slughorn. Harry's not the only one with a task however. In this novel we get a deeper look into Draco's character and the struggles he endures. A betrayal will shock you, secrets will be revealed, and Harry will go about his sixth year at Hogwarts with the help of the mysterious Half-blood Prince.

Aug 10, 2020

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, is the second last installment to the Harry Potter series, having in my opinion, some of the best and most complex showcase of humanity and the characters growing and evolving to something beyond that which they are already known to be, and containing, in my opinion, the biggest plot twist not only in Harry Potter, but one of the biggest in fiction of all time. A fun read, that deals with themes such as loss, depression, guilt, and more in a mature manner without losing the magic and light heartedness of Harry Potter, making the tone serious, but never depressing. Many criticize the book as a “set up” for the next, lacking its own self contained plot, however I disagree and think the mystery of not only on the identity of the Half Blood Prince, but Malfoy’s ongoings and possible status throughout the book entertaining enough, let alone the tasks Harry is given to investigate the new character Slughorn, but most entertaining of all is the exploration of Lord Voldemort and or Tom Riddle, expanding on the character and even the lore, that not only reaches back to flesh out the world, but is foreshadowing for the next book. Personally my second favourite book in the series, which I rate 5 stars out of 5!
@Ace of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

This is my all-time favourite Harry Potter book by far! It includes Horcruxes, death eaters, romance, and Voldemort is as powerful as ever. Even Hogwarts, a place that was always a home to some students, isn’t even safe anymore. If all of the Harry Potter books were one whole book, this book would definitely be the climax. Everything everyone does in this book is suspenseful because you have no idea who to trust. There is not a single dull page and I could read this over and over again. There’s suspenseful moments, happy moments, cute moments, and also the most saddest moments you’ll experience in the series. If you decide to read any Harry Potter book, it should be this one. 5/5 stars
@avacadojai of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

In the sixth book of the Harry Potter series, the threat of evil Lord Voldemort is fully realized. Wizards are living their lives in fear. Students are being kept from going to school for fear of what might happen to the school now that the Dark Lord has returned. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is a thrilling book that will keep you on your toes. There are so many plot lines in this book and the thumping pace does not let up from first page to last. If you enjoy adventure and fantasy books, you will definitely love reading this series! I recommend this book to kids ages 13+ and rate it 4.7/5.
@GymGirl of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Aug 06, 2020

It sure is something different to review a book that so many tens of millions of people have read, children and adults alike. There are still millions out there who’ve yet to read them, so I need to avoid any spoilers. I also am aware that many/most of the 11 people who will read this post have probably read these books, so have formed opinions of their own. All of this to say...I will keep it short.

This is the book where (redacted) happens. Period. If spoilers weren’t taboo (as they should be), this seven word sentence would be the only description needed of this book. There are a few other relatively minor developments, but everything is minor compared to (redacted), isn’t it? And those other developments are fun and satisfying and set the stage for how readers will envision the characters of the series into adulthood, both the readers’ and the characters’.

When I read this book, 14-15 years ago, I was so upset and disappointed by (redacted) that I didn’t read the seventh and final book of the series until a few years later. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy this sixth book, not at all. I enjoyed Harry and Hermione and friends getting stronger and more powerful and confident, and navigating teenage and young adult issues instead of late-elementary and middle school ones. There wasn’t a lot going on with Hagrid or any of his magical creatures, which was sorely missed. And Rowling’s run-on sentences didn’t dissipate even a little, with some sentences taking up to 12 lines to come to wrap up. (Even Olivia noticed those, and wondered if there wasn’t a better way to write those sentences.)

Similar to her dad, Olivia isn’t chomping at the bit to start the seventh and final book, because of this book’s seminal event. But she wants to see how Hermione and Ginny help save the world, so that’s what we’ll do, starting tomorrow night.

When I open up and read the first paragraph of the seventh book to my daughter tomorrow night, the door begins to close on what will undoubtedly be one of my most cherished memories of being a father. For over 2 years now, nearly every single night at bedtime I have sat in my great-grandmother’s rocking chair in Olivia’s bedroom and read about Harry and Hermione and Dumbledore and the rest of the crew. As I write this, I’m aware how I am - in real time - inscribing in my long-term memory the narrative of what it meant to me to be Olivia’s father, the joys and the challenges. This was the sixth book of a famous and beloved story that meant so much to me, and I got to share it with my precious girl. In 70 years when I’m long gone and Olivia is telling her grandchildren of her dad, I hope she remembers me as “The Dad Who Read”.

Jul 18, 2020

This book has a ton of foreshadowing of the ending. This book also goes deep in other characters lives, as well as Harry Potter. We learn about Harry’s thoughts and more of what he has been through. There are many plot twists in this book, and we often end up with an ending that we didn’t imagine that would happen. There is a lot of sadness in this book, as well as good times, and humor. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you should read the book first, since the movie forgets to capture some small, important, details that are in the book. The characters in this book mature a lot, compared to previous books. I would give this book 5 stars because of all the amazing content, and all the depth as well.

Jun 23, 2020

I was soo sucked into this book!! it was sad near the end tho.... But I still loved it soooooooo much!!

May 04, 2020

I wish there were more books to the series.

ArapahoeKati Apr 13, 2020

I’m over here crying and eating an entire bag of popcorn. Rowling does it again. This may be my favorite HP book for the details, the humor, the plot twist.

Feb 08, 2020

6th book!

Nov 29, 2019

Another year at Hogwarts, another year of Voldemort’s reign. The story is deeper than ever, and with the maturing trio comes realizations that every teenager must come to terms with about growing up. Add in friendship, rivals, and romance, and this is a great look at different universal truths that surround getting older.

The pressure increases for Harry, Ron, and Hermione in their sixth year at school. With the revelations from the prophecy in the previous book comes the need for knowledge on how to accomplish the monumental task set before them to bring down Voldemort for good. Unlike last year, Dumbledore takes a special interest in Harry and gives him lessons that prove to be an important lens with which to view the greatest Dark Wizard ever.

Rowling takes us back in time to see how Voldemort became the monster that terrorized Muggles and Wizards alike. As we delve into the past of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, we learn more about Harry, Ron, Hermione, and even Dumbledore, whose past is still shrouded I’m quite a bit of mystery.

By the end of this journey, lives will change forever and the battle lines will be drawn. Who will win the second Wizarding War? How can Voldemort be stopped? Are our trio ready for the horrors ahead?

The end of this book is filled with fear and hope, and I can’t wait to read the last book to find out how everything is wrapped up. If you enjoyed Harry’s journey up to this point, definitely read this book.

Oct 26, 2019

I think this one is now my favorite. I love learning about all the history and everything that has lead up to the current state of things. I also loved reading about all of the relationship drama and teen hormones and silly moments like that. It was sort of a relative calm before the storm, and I really appreciated that. The tension in this book between Harry and Draco is just so engrossing and fantastic, and Slughorn was such an interesting and enjoyable addition to the cast of characters. I absolutely loved this book.

Aug 26, 2019

Needs more gay

Aug 24, 2019

This one is my favorite Harry Potter book. I love this one because it only took me 1 week while the others took me about a month. I am looking forward to read the next book.

Aug 05, 2019

Another one done! this one stated slow and only gets really interesting towards the end. I wasn't ready for an ending like that - without adding any spoilers, I can't believe that happen!! I definitely look forward to reading what happens in the next one.
Anddd I still don't really like Harry much, he's probably my least favorite character..haha

Jul 31, 2019

this is one of the only books I've read this summer that I think has sufficient excitment. the story plot is sad as well as grabing, I finished this book in two days! one thing I didn't like was the summary at the back of the book, I felt like there were more important things in the book and the things that were written were not very accurate.

Jun 06, 2019

I would like to give this a 4.5 because of how long it was. I think this one is my second favorite of the series or 3rd favorite but it was entirely too long. I think we could have done without some of the things in the beginning and middle. Overall still fantastic and what an ending!

Feb 24, 2019

extremely distraught...starting book 7 immediately

Feb 09, 2019

BEST BOOK EVER!!! Though, very tragic at the end. Five stars for me

Jan 12, 2019

The re-introduction of the meme quotes, this one is referred to as "Hermione Granger and that time I told Harry about the dangers of copying off of somebody else's work that wasn't mine and 'OH LOOK I WAS RIGHT'!" Sometimes these summations are just better than anything I can say about these books or movies, but in all fairness what makes this book such a strong addition to the series - is the description and history of Voldemort, and going back you can even find descriptions of Snape that hint towards what's to come.

RyanR_KCMO Nov 26, 2018

Unlike Order of the Phoenix, this entry in the series is air-tight. It hits hard and fast and builds a dark frame of unknown threats and mystery. This was the first time that I have read the book since my first time through all those years ago; it did not disappoint.

Jun 29, 2018

Note - I am reading the Harry Potter books for the first time. Any expressions or opinions are brought to the table as someone who has little prior knowledge...

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" is the sixth book in J. K. Rowling's prolific Harry Potter series. Like many of the previous books, J.K. Rowling has written a novel filled with magic, mystery, and wonder. But as the series moved forward, so did the character development of the mainstays of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. There's been touches of romance in the previous two books, but it floats to the forefront of several plot lines here.

The Half-Blood Prince is also considerably darker than the early H.P. novels. Specifically in dealing with dark magic and the ever present Lord Voldemort. It's shown in a torture scene (although it's pretty light compared most modern media), and the tragic twist at the end.

If you have young readers, it's at this point in the series that you need to come in with well written discussion questions. Talk to your readers about the difference between good and bad, and how we are influenced by the world around us. Discuss romantic relationships, consent, boundaries, and how to find the right fit. Ask how the story made them feel, and how they want to treat others. Do character development deep in the hearts of your children, in the same way Rowling did with her stories.

With all of this said, I greatly enjoyed this book. I think it's the strongest in the series (thus far...) It well deserves my five star review. I can only hope that "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" brings everything together well.

Jun 27, 2018

exiting but a litle sad

Jun 02, 2018

it was great
i loved it

Jan 06, 2018

Rowling is a writer genius, and even me, an old guy, enjoy the whole series. But while the public believes the H.P. story is pure fiction, it is not. I happen to have hit on several sources which give me the background knowledge to realize that the H.P. story is an exact parallel, though in a symbolic and fictionalized form, of the religious history between the Roman Church and the Templar Order of warrior priests, those who built the Cathedrals as symbols of man-made perfection. DumbLeader represents the Roman Church (key: Fawkes, the Phoenix bird - who was Guy Fawkes? do you know from English history? He was a Catholic, who allegedly did, he alone??? the Gunpowder Plot. He was a patsy, a cuckoo, who was framed by the Protestants with the aim to justify before the public the change of power in England from seemingly Catholic to actually openly Protestant). Dumbledor (in magic language's double speak: Dumb Leader, Albus: All Bust, bungle all). Why Albus-All Bust" ? Because the Wizards, all of them (there are no good ones and bad ones in reality), are in fact Luciferians (ValDeMort), who are the "Rebel Angels" (their holy star is Sirius, the Morning Star), who want to change the world for a more "perfect", orderly one, a robotic society with all rules and no freedoms. They do exist, this is not fiction! So, DumbLeader also represents God Creator, who created an imperfect world, which ValDeMort ("Death Valley" in French) wants to "put in order," hear Dolores Umbrige speak. OK, so this Half Blood Prince episode feels unnatural to me, because of the withered, blackened hand of DumbLeader (God Creator), and that part where he has to"drink the bitter cup to the dregs" (prepared by ValDeMort - Lucifer, Lord of Dark Light). OK, so I could tell all details, where real religious history and the H.P. story exactly coincide. For example, the Diary of ValDeMort is the scrolls the Templars dug up during the First Crusade, and from which they revitalized the Order. There indeed was an international convention of Wizards (Templars) in 1128 AD in Troyes, France, where they did this. And Harry is the Jesus figure, as adopted by the Roman Church, and the part where he pierces the Diary with the Basilisque fang and thus sends Voldemort back to a latent state, is the event when in 1307 the French King Philippe the Fair and the Roman Church attacked the Templars, captured some of their leaders and killed their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay by burning him. The Templar wizards fled with their galleys (gallions, see?) to Scotland. And the Gringotts Bank is the World Bank, because the Templars were very materialistic, and they were world bankers already in the 1200s. This is one of the reasons the French King wanted to rob them, bec. he was indebted to them. OK, so, I feel this Half Blood Prince episode is the weakest, but overall, I find the whole series fascinatingly entertaining, especially I like the video games of it. However, if you have the Half Blood Prince video game, watch that all the rainwater spouts around the Hogwarts Castle court are penises in erection, sculpted in stone - they mock the public (the "Muggles" you are)! No kidding, watch it! ValDeMort is not dead - it's only for your happy ending Rowling twisted the tale this way. Voldemort's bank is the World Bank, it already controls all of us.

Jan 06, 2018

loved this better then order of the phenix like if agree

This is one of my favorite Harry Potter books (It's a close-second to Chamber of Secrets). I love the character development, and the plot is so good that I could always come back to this book if I'm ever searching for something to read.

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